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Sometimes finding a conference facility for a referral networking event can be a serious challenge, especially if you have no idea on where and how to start. However, this should not be the case for you. All you need to do is to break the process down into some simple but effective steps.

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Choosing a conference facility

So how do you choose a conference facility? Perhaps the best place to start is by searching for the available venue options. You can easily attain this by checking with Birmingham visitor's bureau, the City Hall, as well as the Township offices. From these offices, you are likely to get listings of venues within the area, and you may be lucky to find special offers on such features as accommodation, catering, as well as entertainment. Similarly, you may equally find the Internet incredible source valuable information to help you in your search. Most conference facilities Birmingham that are worth visiting must have a website. Therefore, you should spend some time browsing through their website to find more details about the facilities. Some websites have a provision for virtual tour of the conference facility, a calendar, event planner, and a platform for interaction where you can pose your inquiries.

As you do your search, it would be important to note that every venue worth considering should offer you a list of their packages. You might also be interested to know whether the facility bookings come with sound system provision and projection screen. Most of all, do they have a provision of setting up conference room in your preferred style.

Catering services

Try to narrow down your list of venues. As you do your shortlisting, determine whether the conference attendees will have access to phones, restrooms, places to catch fresh air, and regroup. As you do your shortlisting, it will be very essential to confirm whether the facility will provide beverages, meals and snacks for the attendees. Most conference facilities in Birmingham have in-house catering services, while others outsource the services from outside caterers. Confirm whether the facility is offering a continental or full breakfast. What kind of service do they offer? Is it a self-serve banquet style or are the attendees required to order from the menu. People have varied dietary needs therefore, you should confirm whether they could accommodate people with special diets as well as those with allergies.

Transport services

Some conference facilities Birmingham offer transportation services at a cost. Therefore, it is important to confirm whether these services are available for attendees staying in various hotels in town. If so, do you stand to get any discounts if you have a large number of attendees? You should also confirm whether there are any other additional offers within their transport package such as sightseeing during conference breaks.

Quality and experience

You should consider the reputation of the providers. You definitely need to go for a venue that has a good reputation for quality. Additionally, the level of experience of the providers will be a good consideration. Experienced providers tend to anticipate situations that might go wrong thus providing alternative in the event that things do not go the way they should. To get the providers reputation, look at their testimonials and the feedback given by their recent clients.